• Crowdsourcing: Knowledge Has a Long Tail
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Power of the Crowd

#Crowdsourcing and Democratization of Knowledge.
by hugo - Sep 8th, 2015

Interesting perspective. "Because we have used primarily books, documents, e-mail messages to accumulate and transfer knowledge, the voice of the expert became the voice of knowledge. We have built a segmented-knowledge society where each of us is specialized on a narrow domain (be it tightening a bolt, writing software, doing tax returns, or defining strategy). In this environment, collective intelligence does not have channels of expression. But if there were technologies that lower the friction and cost of collaboration and co-creation, there is a point where the long tail of knowledge is tapped to produce concrete results. Digital technologies, the Internet and Social Media are starting to do just that."

Crowdsourcing: Knowledge Has a Long Tail
Why the Crowds will beat the Experts  The history of human civilization is tightly connected with our ability to use language to organize groups of people to tackle complex problems and projects th...
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"For the entirety of human history, the crowd was depending on proximity. We had to be together physically in order to create a crowd. Suddenly with the Internet, we were able to create a virtual crowd. What this allows us is it allows people to get together through INTENT, through SHARED INTEREST. This is new. This is a fundamentally new development in the course of human history."

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Waze is a good example of crowdsourcing vs machines. Google spent tons of resources on Google Maps navigation, but was ultimately beaten at its own game by a small Israeli company that knew how to leverage the power of the crowd.

Google’s Waze now calculates your wait time in traffic
Know exactly how late you will be.
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